Is your WhatsApp integration GDPR compliant?

The Contractual Relationship
This integration works via the official WhatsApp Business API and requires verification by WhatsApp/Facebook. Our certified partner and official business solution provider, 360dialog, handles the communication with Facebook and will support you every step of the way.
Userlike provides an interface to 360dialog. With our WhatsApp channel, you'll receive and reply to WhatsApp messages in your Userlike Message Center.
All messages you receive in Userlike (no matter which channel they come in from, i.e. WhatsApp, Threema, SMS, etc.) are processed within our system by our hosting service provider, Hetzner Online GmbH, in Germany. If you send messages to external systems, e.g. via the WhatsApp channel, the service providers of these external systems have a data processing agreement directly with you.
Your company therefore enters the aforementioned contractual relationship directly with 360dialog and WhatsApp (through your Business Manager account).
Data Processing
As with web chat, you receive messages and contact details from messenger app channels like WhatsApp as a conversation. That is, the contact details and messages you receive through the WhatsApp API are available through "All Conversations".
However, WhatsApp independently collects data from the user when using the app; this is regulated via the consent given in the WhatsApp terms of use. The data collected independently by WhatsApp is not processed by you or the WhatsApp Business API.
WhatsApp Ireland is the controller for the WhatsApp messenger service within the scope of GDPR, and the responsible regulatory authority under GDPR is the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.
What is special about the WhatsApp Business API?
Unlike WhatsApp Business, address book data is not automatically synchronized when using the WhatsApp Business API and is therefore not sent to WhatsApp.
When you use the API, you are not using an app from WhatsApp. Instead, the infrastructure is set up by a "Business Solution Provider". These providers are certified by WhatsApp to ensure responsible use of the API. With our interface, you then have a frontend in which you can communicate with your customers via WhatsApp. The messages between WhatsApp and the 360dialog API are end-to-end encrypted.