How do I setup a Widget Goal?

How to setup Widget Goals
By setting up your Widget Goals, you can measure the effectiveness of your chats. How often does a chat result in a direct completion of one or more goals? To create a goal, go to "Chat tools" and choose "Goals". Here you’ll have an overview of your current goals. Choose "Add".
Create Goals
Now, choose the Widget for which you’d like to set up the goal. Name your goal and select the URL match pattern that is connected to it. In this example, it’s the completion of a checkout. You don’t have to include the domain name in the URL, e.g. for the goal, you only fill in "/checkout-complete".
Depending on your Userlike plan, you have the possibility to view your "Widget Goals" in the Userlike Analytics. Data will be gathered from the moment on you created the goal. The Analytics tool is a feature starting with our Corporate plan.