AI Automation Hub: Pricing

Those with a Corporate plan or higher have the possibility to test the AI Automation Hub.
It includes three modules connected to a centralized knowledge base: an AI chatbot, a Smart FAQ and Contact Form Suggestions. Your customers will consistently receive immediate assistance and accurate answers. The AI even attempts to answer requests before they are submitted.
This additional feature starts from 285 euros a month for up to 500 conversations(one conversation counts as one interaction with the AI chatbot or the contact form suggestions, which is related to a unique server session. It starts with the user's input and ends when the user contacts a staff member, leaves the website or the session expires). One Smart FAQ is already included and the interactions in a Smart FAQ are always unlimited. Additional Smart FAQs e.g. for additional websites cost 100 euros a month each.
Leveraging the full potential of AI is a dynamic process. Therefore, a one-time setup fee of 500€ is crucial to guarantee maximum success of your AI project. It covers our experts consulting you on the ideal structure of the Knowledge base, importing your FAQ, supporting you with questions and tailored AI optimizations for your use case as well as guiding you with best practices.
If you are interested, please contact your Userlike account manager directly. You can also write an email to or reach out to us in the chat.
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You can learn more about the individual modules here:

AI Chatbot
The AI chatbot gets its answers directly from the knowledge base to independently resolve inquiries. The pricing depends on the number of conversations per month.
Smart FAQ
The Smart FAQ is an interactive help section that lets your contacts independently find answers to their questions. It has an auto-complete feature that predicts what the customer is looking for as they type. It's like a Userlike chat widget - it can be integrated in different designs on multiple pages.
The starter package includes one Smart FAQ with the option to add more for 100 euros a month each.
Contact form suggestions
Contact forms are too often used for common questions. Sometimes customers contact you without knowing that the answer is already on your website.
This module analyzes the text to attempt to answer the customer's question while they're still typing. The pricing depends on the number of queries per month.