Will Userlike slow down my site?

We have taken several steps to ensure that the performance of your website won't be effected negatively when loading our Messenger script.
  • We're using a CDN (a worldwide network of servers) to deliver our Userlike script. This ensures that Userlike's service can be reached and delivered at an equal rate across the world.
  • The Userlike script is being loaded asynchronously. By default, wedisplay the script tag for integration with the async attribute. If you integrate it before the closing body tag, it will also be the last script loading on your page. This makes sure loading and executing the Userlike script will have negligible impact on your page load.
  • The Userlike script will be cached locally for a period of time once it's loaded. That way the script won't have to be delivered from the CDN for every single visit of your website.
  • We added the ability to use the system font to prevent external fonts from being loaded.
Are Google PageSpeed and similar tools showing that your website is slowing down with Userlike?
Due to the way some of these tools measure performance, this doesn't always reflect the actual user experience. Placing the Javascript snippet before the closing body tag ensures that the chat widget is loaded last and as such, your website should already be completely loaded and fully functional for your webvisitors.