Is data encrypted on our servers?

The entire lifecycle of data between you as a Userlike customer, your end users, and Userlike is encrypted. In addition to transport encryption, Userlike also applies disk-level encryption.
When the data originates with you or the end user and is sent to Userlike's servers, this transport encryption is currently handled via TLS 1.3. On the other hand, if the data is processed by our servers, it's encrypted at the disk level. Userlike does not differentiate between which data is encrypted (chat transcripts or employee identifiers), as all data is always encrypted. The hard disk encryption ensures that, in case hard disks need to be replaced, the discarded hard disks cannot be used to read your data. Userlike also encrypts all automatic backups. The backup process ensures that when backups of your data are created, they are additionally encrypted. Thus, restoring the backups can only be done by selected employees, since the keys for decryption are only available to a few employees. You can check the status of the encrypted network connection at any time at the following link: