About the WhatsApp Integration

In the following article we answer these questions:

How do I use WhatsApp with Userlike?

The WhatsApp integration is available in all paid plans with our current pricing and works via the official WhatsApp Business API. You can access the API through Userlike and Facebook's official solution provider, 360dialog. Afterwards, you can receive WhatsApp messages from your customers in Userlike, meaning that your customer uses WhatsApp on their smartphone/iPhone to send requests to your company. You, on the other hand, will use the Userlike Message Center to reply. Within the Message Center, in addition to website chats, you'll receive WhatsApp messages and requests from other channels, e.g. SMS. Your operators thereby use a single software for all customer communication.

Do I need a smartphone to use WhatsApp Business?

While you can register a mobile number in your WhatsApp Business account, messaging won't take place over your mobile device. You'll complete a signup process that will provide you with an API Key for you to enter into Userlike. You only need to have a free mobile or landline number to complete the registration process.

How can I let my customers know they can contact us via WhatsApp?

To let your clients know that you offer support over WhatsApp we recommend the following:
  • Make the channel prominent on your contact page
  • Offer transactional confirmations via messaging
  • Phone queue messages
  • Email signatures
  • Automatic email replies
  • Integrate QR codes
  • Inform customers via marketing channels
  • Phase out phone and email
You can read more on these suggestions in the following article: Why and How to Guide Customers to Your Messaging Channels

Can I use labels as with WhatsApp Business?

Since all of the correspondence between you and your customers will take place within the Message Center, labeling customers or conversations is not possible. However, we do allow you to create your own topics within the Userlike Dashboard, then set multiple topics for your conversations. It's also easy to see whether a conversation is coming from your website or WhatsApp Business channel.

Do my clients have to give special consent when they message me?

Since conversations are started by your client, and they're using WhatsApp on their own device - they've agreed to WhatsApp's terms and conditions in advance. When contacting you via this channel, it can also be assumed that they wish to receive an answer. You are only required to ask for permission if you want to contact them after the 24 hours have passed. This is where Templates come in.

Do we need to sign an extra DPA with 360dialog?

Yes, it will be necessary to sign a DPA directly with them as you are entering a data processing relationship with 360dialog as controller/processor. You can request this by emailing them directly at privacy@360dialog.com. Please read this article for further details.

What happens if I delete my WhatsApp-Channel within Userlike?

Case 1:
You delete your WhatsApp-Channel, but keep the number in your Facebook Business Manager The number will still be known to WhatsApp, customers can send messages, but only get 1 checkmark
Case 2:
You delete your WhatsApp-Channel and also the number in your Facebook Business Manager New contacts writing the first time will get the info that this number is not on WhatsApp. Contacts with a history (previous contact with the company via WhatsApp) will not be able to write anymore and get an error message.