What are the routing rules for incoming chats?

The below information will explain our conversation routing to you. After one of your customers establishes a chat session, the next step will be to assign the session to an operator. The assignment takes place according to these clearly defined rules:
  • Chats are only assigned to operators that are in the that the chat widget is connected to or respectively, with operators that have the appropriate skill set*, depending on which routing variant you use.
  • The customer is assigned to the operator with the most free slots.
  • If all of your operators have the same number of free slots, then the chat will be assigned to the operator who went the longest without a chat.
  • The previous rules do not apply if a customer revisits your website. In this case, the contact is assigned to the operator with whom they were chatting with during their last visit. Of course, this only happens if the operator 1. is online and 2. has a free chat slot.
*Skill routing is available as of our Flex plan. More information about this and chat routing in general can be found in our tutorial.
You can find an overview of our different routing functions Default, Group Select and Skills in this video: