Why is there a delay when sending a transcript?

When you send a transcript to yourself as an operator, there can sometimes be a delay. This is because the transcript you're sending is linked to the "Live conversation timeout" and is only sent once the time limit expires. This setting can be found in the widget settings under "Chat > Advanced":
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So, for example, if your time limit is set to 10 minutes, transcripts for ended chats will not be sent until 10 minutes after the chat ends.
However, the time limit expiration doesn't start as soon as the chat ends. It'll expire once no one writes a message or performs an action (submit a rating, request a transcript, make a call). The idea is to move the timeout with each chat action and shut down the conversation only when nothing has happened during the entire time limit.
Other actions are also tied to the timeout:
  • Triggering add-ons/emails. Sending transcripts/info to activated add-ons or email addresses.
  • Status change Conversations in "New" status change to "Open" (if the last message is from the contact) or "Waiting" (if the last message is from the operator). If the status was manually adjusted before the time limit expired, nothing happens.
  • Chatbot conversations Depending on the setting, conversations with chatbots are either forwarded to a human operator, pushed to "Unassigned" or, after the interaction is done, are visible in the Message Center under "All Conversations."