Analytics data compared with Message Center data

Both Analytics and the Message Center contain processed data and views that calculate data differently.
Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily compare the information between the two.
In Analytics, the receipt of the first message from the contact often corresponds to the KPI “created_at” from the download table from Message Center, but there can be discrepancies, e.g. if the login mode is used, but a message isn’t immediately sent.
Or when using the proactive approach. This is because an initial connection to the operator is made when the page is visited, to ensure that someone is available a chat session is offered. Such settings can lead to the differences between the Message Center and Analytics.
In short, the filter in the Message Center is not used to find out how many conversations one had in a day.
The Message Center is dynamic and allows a contact to resume an old conversation, and operators to continue working on conversations, thus the data in the Message Center under “All conversations” also changes.
Analytics is more firm in its approach and is be better suited for the specific use case of calculating conversations per day.