Messaging with WhatsApp Business

Can I reply to WhatsApp chats on my phone?
You will only handle conversations within the Message Center. We offer our WhatsApp integration via an API, which means that you won't use WhatsApp directly, but connect with Userlike to receive and reply to WhatsApp messages.
Can I send all message and file types with WhatsApp?
When messaging over WhatsApp, you'll be able to send and receive text and audio messages, plus receive files from your contacts. However, audio and video calls aren't available over the API, along with screen sharing.
Is marketing or bulk messaging possible?
Yes, this is possible with the WhatsApp Campaigns Feature. Read more about it in the tutorial and this FAQ article.
What is the "Sandbox" and what can I do with it?
The developer-friendly Sandbox is built to allow your programmers to test out WhatsApp Business API's functionality for sending and receiving messages and templates, including notifications. However, you won't be able to send messages to your customers.
Learn more about the Sandbox.
What is the Expanded trial?
An expanded trial is offered once necessary documents are submitted as part of your business verification.
Notifications: Can be sent to two phone numbers, up to 10 customer-initiated conversations. Notifications can only be sent with pre-approved message templates.
Customer Service Messages: You can have 1500 customer-initiated conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour window of messaging with a given phone number. This limit is renewed daily, so if you had 1500 conversations today, you will be able to have 1500 conversations (within the 24-hour window) tomorrow.
Where are WhatsApp chats being stored?
Conversations via the API are handled as described in this article.
Can I block WhatsApp numbers?
Yes, you can use the block functio