What happens to already connected Whatsapp channels in the Free Plan

If you have connected a Whatsapp channel with Userlike during your 14-day trial phase or as part of a paid plan, we will cover the costs incurred with our partner 360dialog for you.
If you do not book a paid plan with Userlike after the trial phase, or if you cancel your paid plan, your account will be downgraded to the free plan. Using WhatsApp channels will no longer be possible.
Please note that we will delete the used phone number with our partner 360dialog after a maximum of 21 days. We will also inform you about this during the trial phase via a notification in your account.
Deleting the number at 360dialog results in blocking periods.
After deletion, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages. The phone number remains in the 360dialogHub with an inactive status, in case you want to reactivate it in the future. The subscription ends at the end of the month.
Meta then requires that you do not send any paid messages for 30 days, before they disconnect the number. This means that the number can only be used again with the business or consumer app after it has been successfully disconnected from the API.
Overall, the process can therefore take up to 60 days.