Why is only one Operator receiving chats?

If multiple operators are online in the Message Center and have free chat slots, but only one operator is receiving chats, this could be due to the following issues:
Operator groups: Check if the operators are all in the same operator group. Compare which operator group is assigned to the widget (under "Channels > Website" by clicking on the widget and then selecting "Chat > Routing") and in which group the operators are in (under "Team > Operators" in the individual operator profiles).
Chat slots per operator: An incoming chat is assigned to the operator with the most free slots. If you are aiming for an even distribution, we recommend assigning the same number of chat slots to each operator. You can adjust the number of chat slots under "Team > Operators" in their respective operator profile under the "Message Center" tab.
Availability in the Message Center: Check if all operators are online and available. They are considered available if they have free chat slots.
Recurring contacts: When a customer visits your website a second time, they will be reconnected to the same operator they spoke with before, provided that this operator is online and has enough free chat slots.
You can also find more info in our chat routing article.