What about when I'm not online?

Of course your contacts will be happy if someone is immediately available to chat with them. However, 24/7 live support can only be found on a few websites. Userlike offers several features so that you can go offline when needed:
  1. Hide the chat button. You can hide the button outside service times or if no operator is available. You'll find this option in your  under Chat > Advanced. You can adjust your service-times under Chat > Service-times.
  1. Show contact form. If no operator is available, the chat button can automatically turn into a contact form so that web visitors can leavetheir details and questions. These offline messages also show up inUserlike and you can answer them as soon as you're available again. If option 1 hasn't actively been selected, this is the default option.
  1. Chatbots. Starting with our Corporate plan, you can either connectan existing bot framework or write your own chatbot in Userlike. Yourbot can accept and answer requests around the clock and create offline messages. The bot can then forward these messages to you if needed so that you have all available information to answer your contact's requests the next time you log in to Userlike. Learn more about our chatbot options in our tutorials